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Searching for (Disturbing) Beauty 

I've been calling this series, "Wandering in Strange Places" but recently a friend said, "your art is about beauty, but its a disturbing beauty". That felt right to me but I thought too, maybe its an unexpected beauty or beauty found where one does not ordinarily look for it (in strange places). 

I don't really mean it to be disturbing. I want to present, (not represent or portray) a special kind of beauty made up of  visual rhythm and unexpected spacial symmetries.  Sometimes that might induce a little vertigo. I hope it creates surprise. Its not pretty.

I enjoy a feeling of drama. I like the eye to move, to dance around the painting. In these works I hope the color and dynamic compositional style create an emotional response that conveys meaning but without direct reference to anything except the rhythm, flow, harmony and mystery that are the essence of the painting itself. 

And hey, thanks for looking.

David Fitzgerald  - Concord, California -  January, 2013



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